There was no fancy table, vintage silverware or expensive glassware. Just simple packing paper stretched across the dining table, a big red marker, some plates and wooden serving boards filled with the season’s finest.

A cheese tasting gathering can result in something wonderful and dream-like, if planned with the right forethought and an open room left to accommodate some spontaneity. Some things are just made for each other. Pairing each cheese with its perfect accompaniments enhances the overall experience. It offers infinitive options, so it’s worth taking some time to think about what goes with what .Whether you choose a complementary pairing that brings out the natural characteristics of the cheese, or you opt for a contrast that evens out the experience; you’ll achieve a heightened sense of taste and appreciation for one of the world’s greatest culinary treasures.

It’s all about texture and a balance of flavors, starting from the classics, all the way to somewhat adventurous combinations. In order to experience that, we tried sweet and milky flavored mozzarella with fresh and nutty arugula, topped with salty prosciutto. Extra virgin olive oil, lemon and sea salt dressing is a classic trio that brings everything together in perfect harmony. The freshness of apple slices added to the soft and creamy texture of blue cheese tone down its intense and earthy flavor.

You simply CANNOT have a cheese tasting dinner without a good chunk of parmesan. The table will seem empty without its presence and the experience will not be fulfilled without its buttery, nutty and sweet taste. Our choice for the day was Grana Padano, together with pesto and sun dried tomatoes accompanied by home-made Focaccia with fresh rosemary and a touch of extra virgin olive oil. But we didn’t stop there. We continued to experiment with grapes, sheep’s milk cheese, nuts, ciabatta bread with garlic and parsley and of course different types of red and white wine.

Once again, the warm spirit of those gathered surpassed the need for an extravagant setting, as the meal lingered long into the evening. The whole experience was brought together by the simple act of sharing food and conversations and the enjoyment of some good company.














Proofread by: Simona Veselinska



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