Summer is about to start and we are celebrating all those weeks of sunny picnic lunches and lazy garden evening meals that are about to come. For that purpose, we’ve prepared this quick, no-cook, throw-together dish to welcome us into the new season. It’s delicious as a light main course or as a side dish to something simple and plain – like grilled steak, as it’s already special on its own.

The key to a satisfying salad is the right combination of textures and flavors, which is why we are using a variety of  them. This mix of piquant arugula and crunchy lettuce, topped with a delicate extra virgin olive oil dressing, buttery Indian nuts with soft ripe peaches and a strong, creamy cheese – truly aims to please.















Photo Credits: Dimitar Gorgev

Proofread by: Simona Veselinska




Peaches 4 ,cut into wedges
Arugula 2 springs
Lettuce 1 large spring
Blue cheese 100 g
Indian nuts 100 g


Discard the outer leaves of the lettuce and wash the rest of it thoroughly, leaf by leaf. Wash the arugula leaves too. Once they’re clean, give them a spin in a salad spinner or shake them dry in a towel.
Grab a big salad bowl and start your salad tearing up the lettuce using your hands. Add the arugula leaves, cut the peaches into wedges and sprinkle the Indian nuts.
Don’t forget the blue cheese! Just take the sharp tip of a knife, break the cheese into small pieces or clumps and add into the salad bowl. Finish the salad drizzling it with extra virgin olive oil and lemon dressing.

All that’s left now is to begin the process of appreciating the mess out of this salad.



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