Bagels! Aside from all other baked goods, bagels have a unique taste and consistency and can be distinguished by their trade characteristic: a roll-with-a-hole design. They are prepared in a relatively specific way. Before putting bagels in the oven, you need to boil them briefly in sweetened water. The result is amazing! A dense, chewy interior with a tanned and usually crisp exterior.

You can basically eat them anytime during the day. Just substitute a bagel as bread for your favorite sandwich. Slice it, spread some cream cheese and add tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers. Drizzle some olive oil and lemon juice, and you’ve basically recreated a classic.

And for everything to be perfect and everyone to be satisfied, we added a traditional summer beverage – lemonade served with fresh mint. Cheers!










Photo Credits: Dimitar Gorgev

Proofread by: Simona Veselinska




  • March 5, 2014 Reply


    Браво за блогот, огромно задоволство ми претставува кога вака наоѓам прекрасни македонски блогови од сите сфери!
    А сега одам да јадам пошо огладнев од убавата храна што ја постирате :)

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