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Missy Onion is an experience driven by the conceptual dining society. Pursued by two female engineers, out to create menus that utilize local, fresh and seasonal items, supplemented by the finest ingredients of the day. We have set out to create more than just food; we want the guests at our table to feel completely connected with the event, the other members, and the kitchen. We understand that coming together to share great food and casual conversation can make us feel balanced, grounded and energized. Each event utilizes a unique location, creating a restaurant experience from the ground up. The tasting menus, guest list, music, and atmosphere are all carefully chosen and balanced, creating the ultimate culinary experience. 

Missy Onion represents for us a concept, an event, a happening which creates such excitement, curiosity  and genuine satisfaction. That is why it’s so easy for us to get caught up to it in the massive intensity of the day. The lists, the running around, the search for the perfect product and all the other things that goes into making sure our event is where it need to be and where we want them to be, excite us. We do wish we could relish this moment more, but there is always satisfaction in seeing the event executed flawlessly,. Oh and there’s always the after-party. (:

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We have always struggled to define our cuisine, and have always given up. We really just cook the food we want as well as the dishes we most enjoy eating which is very refreshing and exciting . That to us is what really makes sense and help us to find inspiration everywhere. It is truly a food of the people and for the people. We just focus on honest food. We are not professional chefs so we are not interested in serving something people have never seen before. In fact, we prefer to cook something they have eaten at least once in their lives and can easily relate to. The idea is to present it in a fresh context, using high quality ingredients. You won’t find anything exotic on the menu, just seasonal things we can find in the local markets.





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