Chicken liver pâté is one of those classic, rustic dishes that should be a kitchen staple rather than a dinner party treat. And for it to be made frequently, on a whim, it mustn’t be fussy. The chicken livers are the star of this dish, and the other ingredients are only there to help the chicken livers shine. This dish contains all the great ingredients for a fabulous grown-up pâté: chicken livers, onions, garlic, butter, fresh thyme, cream and brandy.

Enjoy this really rich, velvety smooth pâté  as a snack, light lunch, an appetizer, or just because you feel like it. Once you’ve tried it and seen how simple it is to make, we’re sure you won’t be needing an excuse to make it again and again. Make this for your friends as we did and they will be amazed! 



Photo Credits: Dimitar Gorgev




Chicken liver   300 g
Butter   125 g
Cognac   30 ml
Lentils   200 g, cooked
One onion
Cream   150 ml
Fresh herbs   5 g (parsley, chive, rosemary)
A pich of chili pepper, salt, pepper


Clean and dice liver. The size is not very important because you will need to blend it later. Peel and dice the onion. Melt 40 g butter in a saucepan and add diced onion. Slowly fry the onion for about 7 minutes, until soft and tender, or as we say, until transparent.
Add diced liver and season with salt and hot pepper. Stir and cook for 3 minutes.  The most important thing here is that you mustn’t overcook the liver because it becomes very hard and that’s not the consistency we need for the silky pate.

Splash with Cognac and continue cooking for another three minutes. Remove from heat and add the rest of the butter, in pieces.  Add lentils and taste for salt.

Purée in a blender or put through a sieve to obtain a fine purée. Work in the cream and the diced herbs, and leave to cool. Pour the purée into 8 clear glasses and let it cool. Serve with bread slices toasted in the oven then brushed with olive oil and herbs. The best choice, if you ask us, for the liver pate topping  is sage toasted in butter. Just melt some butter into a pan, on medium temperature and add the sage leaves. Toast them for about one minute and you are done. They will finish that pate slice of bread perfectly!

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